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EnergyU Enrollment

Getting started is easy! Contact MEA and they will send you an enrollment form to request licenses and course libraries. Libraries include Gas (rule 192), Liquids (rule 195), ASME-B31Q (combining gas and liquid courses), OSHA, Basic Utility, Electric, and Leadership courses. The EnergyU Support Team can provide information on options for manually or automatically enrolling your employees in the courses they need.

The annual EnergyU subscription is the most affordable way to train, test, and track your employees’ operator qualifications. EnergyU also provides evaluation forms for all segments of the industry. Many companies using EnergyU choose to join MEA, but anyone can participate as a non-Member Subscriber.

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Benefits of Membership

Membership has great advantages, like our many events for networking and sales, and the marketing benefits from placement in our directory and on our websites. Considering EnergyU’s price alone, companies with 20 or more employees will find a cost advantage in becoming a member because of member discounts.

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Super Contractor Program

The MEA Super Contractor Program is designed for large Associate Contractor members who purchase significant quantities of EnergyU licenses. The program is only offered once per year and is available for new or renewing members based on number of EnergyU licenses purchased through the 4th quarter of the calendar year. Each December, qualifying contractors are invited to participate for the next year.

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Partners in Education

This membership category is limited to accredited post secondary education institutions. We recognize the high value that vocationally oriented institutions provide through PIE memberships so MEA fosters close relationships with institutions that provide entry level skills and training to the energy utility industry.

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