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Understanding OQ Requirements

To assure safety in the transport of hazardous gases and liquids in the nation’s pipelines, pipeline operators are required to have individuals who perform covered tasks trained and qualified. Qualification requirements must be outlined in an operator’s OQ program.

PHMSA states, “The Operator Qualification rule was adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations under Subpart N in 49 CFR Part 192 and Subpart G in 49 CFR Part 195. Under the rule, each pipeline operator is responsible for developing an OQ program, following their written OQ plan, establishing a covered task list applicable to their system, and defining the training and qualification requirements for personnel performing covered tasks on their pipeline facility. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure their contractors and vendors comply with their program requirements.”

Ensuring OQ Compliance

MEA has been serving the natural gas industry since 1905 and has been an industry leader in OQ compliance since PHMSA made it a final rule in 1999. Let us pass along the benefit of our substantial experience with industry regulations and standards. Our network of nationally recognized subject matter experts (SMEs) can help make sure your OQ plan is compliant.

  • OQ Plan Development

    Whether your company is new to OQ or revising an existing plan, MEA can provide guidance and reassurance during the development or revision of your OQ plan.

  • OQ Program Review

    MEA can review your program to help ensure it is up to date, effective, and compliant when you're preparing for an OQ audit, implementing regulation changes, or navigating a merger or acquisition.

  • Task List Audit

    Whether you need a standardized task list for simplification (e.g. ASME B31Q, API 1161) or a customized task list to meet your specific needs as an operator, MEA experts can check covered task lists against the rule to ensure you meet the requirements.

  • Field Review

    MEA experts can provide an in-person and onsite observation of task performance as it relates to your written OQ plan.

  • Implementation

    MEA offers a system for training, assessments, and performance evaluations for employees to become compliant. MEA can also provide onsite training for employees new to OQ or advanced training for employees serving in leadership roles.

  • Conversion of Qualifications

    MEA experts can easily translate your qualifications from CRF 192/195 to ASME B31Q to make sure you're covered or find gaps.

We are flexible and agile so we can help at any or all phases of your OQ plan development or program review.

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