Evaluator reviewing guidelines

Train the OQ Evaluator

Operator Qualification (OQ) has played a role in shaping the natural gas workforce. Like any industry we rely on our workforce to operate and maintain the infrastructure. OQ evaluators have done a great job of fulfilling their roles in keeping the energy industry and the public safe. For those who are responsible for administering OQ programs, they too have done an admirable job of ensuring people are trained, tested and evaluated. MEA supports these efforts through a one-day initial evaluator classroom training and online refresher training. MEA approved OQ evaluator status must be renewed every three years.

One-day, in-person training

Train the Evaluator is tailored to meet the needs of the operators of natural gas pipelines who must comply with the federally mandated operator qualifications program. This course provides information on the theory of evaluation, but its strength is in providing useful information and hands-on practice for conducting credible performance evaluations.

  • Tips for handling problem situations
  • Reliability and validity
  • Evaluation exercises
  • Interrater reliability
  • EnergyU orientation
  • Using observation skills
  • Various practice exercises
  • Tips for evaluator response to evaluatee questions

We also offer a virtual option of this program.

Evaluate Employees

Per regulation, persons performing evaluations should possess the required knowledge to ascertain an individual’s ability to perform covered tasks, and to substantiate an individual’s ability to recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions that might surface while performing those tasks.

Become an Evaluator

Consideration for MEA Qualified Evaluator status requires the following credentials:

  • Minimum three years of field experience—or formal training—specific to tasks wishing to evaluate on.
  • Minimum of three industry references.
  • Satisfactory completion of a formal evaluator training course.

If you have questions about the MEA Train the Evaluator program, please contact product support.