Safety Assessment

Identify, hire, and develop safe employees

Human error and accidents can happen with any job, but thousands of on the job accidents may be prevented if people worked with care or followed guidelines and procedures. The MEA Safety Assessment program helps human resource professionals with talent management and selection. Identify, hire, and develop the people who work hard to be safe on the job, reducing potential accidents.

The safety assessment, licensed through Assessment Associates International, has been developed and continually improved over fifteen years with careful attention to questions that relate to verifiable work behaviors for entry-level and labor and support jobs.

Behavioral interviewing questions:

  • Improve performance management
  • Increase productivity with strategic recruitment
  • Develop a safety focused work culture

Measured behaviors include:

  • Arriving to work on time
  • Cooperating with coworkers
  • Being dependable on the job
  • Paying attention to details
  • Working safely and following the safety guidelines
  • Avoiding confrontations and fights with coworkers

Your Energy Utility

Using the safety assessment in the selection process can help natural gas and electric delivery companies hire a safer, more dependable workforce, potentially decreasing incident rates, reportable injuries, and lost work days. Assessment results may be used in on boarding and on-going employee development programs.

  • Pre and Post-employment
  • Safety focused
  • Behavior based
  • Accessible online
  • Available in many different languages
  • Legally defensible with O*NET considerations and EEOC and OFCCP compliance
  • Assistance with customizing minimum norms
  • Produce real world outcomes in lowering safety incidences
  • Connect assessment to utility specific, in person, leadership course: MEA Field Leader Training
  • Development tool optimization: connect assessment results to your and/or MEA online courses

For more information and to take a complimentary sample assessment, please contact Stacey Bonine at (651) 289-9600 x114.