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Use these courses to learn about emerging renewable energy concepts and technologies. Each course explores a different topic within the theme of renewable energy by discussing its fundamentals, comparing and contrasting it with more traditional industry practices, and exploring its impact on the industry and its workers.

  • 3 courses and assessments

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  • RENEW-0101 Overview of Renewable Energy

    Course Description

    Renewable energy comes from natural sources that renew faster than they are consumed. Its climate benefits and plentiful nature make it of increasing interest to the energy industry. This course explores the basics of renewable energy, including its sources, characteristics, and impact on the power grid and energy sector jobs.


    • Discuss the fundamentals of renewable energy.
    • Compare the different types of renewable and nonrenewable energy.
    • Describe the different ways to store renewable energy.
    • Explain the impact of renewable energy on the electric grid and on energy sector jobs.
  • RENEW-0102 Renewable Energy Grid Integration

    Course Description

    The integration of renewable energy generation into the power grid is influencing many aspects of grid development and operations. This course explores how grid integration is changing and challenging the traditional power grid and its infrastructure, operation, and management.


    • Describe the organizational and operational structures of the power grid.
    • Explain what integration is and how it happens.
    • Discuss challenges of renewable energy integration and how to meet them.
    • Identify key concerns in grid integration and workforce planning.
  • RENEW-0110 Hydrogen Energy

    Course Description

    Hydrogen may provide the world with much of its energy in the coming century. This course on hydrogen energy covers what hydrogen is, how hydrogen energy is produced, stored, and transported, hydrogen's function as an energy carrier, the concept of a "hydrogen economy", and the contribution of hydrogen energy to future global energy needs.


    • Explain foundational concepts related to hydrogen.
    • Describe how hydrogen functions as an energy carrier.
    • Define the hydrogen economy.
    • Discuss the significance of hydrogen energy to our changing world.