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Membership is not required to enroll in EnergyU. Each subscribing company selects individuals to have administrative rights to the system, and one person is designated as the “primary” EnergyU Administrator. Administrators are instrumental in ensuring the success of your company’s online training initiatives through:

  • Proper implementation
  • Improved user experience
  • Data reporting accuracy and efficiency

Selecting Your Company's Administrators

The individual you select as your company’s EnergyU administrator is important. This individual will be responsible for managing your users’ online training and testing, including associated qualification data. Successful administrators share the following qualities:

  • Employee focused
  • Detail oriented
  • Organized
  • Knowledgeable of company OQ requirements
  • Able to understand and follow established procedures
  • Computer savvy

Training Your Company's Administrators

Training for administrators is important. Using established procedures and best practices helps ensure data integrity.

Administrators must understand the steps for properly resetting courses and certifications, granting certifications for performance, enrolling users, backing up records, running reports, requesting data transfers, and resolving data discrepancies.

As technology continues to change, administrators will need to stay abreast of plugin, browser, and operating system requirements and changes.

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