Skills for Effective Training

For trainers fresh from the field or with years of experience

It takes trainers and instructors with practical skills and current training strategies to effectively train adult learners. After completing this class, participants will have a solid understanding of what is expected of a trainer and basic knowledge of adult learning styles. The one-day class creates a foundation for trainers to build upon.


Who should attend?

  • Classroom trainers
  • Technical trainers
  • Field leaders
  • New Trainers
  • Trainers looking for a refresh
  • Anyone considering becoming a trainer
This course provides attendees with the skills and confidence to share their industry knowledge with peers.
Take your experience from the field to the classroom.

Host a session

Contact Mark Bechtel at (651) 289-9600 x109.

The following outline represents a one-day training. Sessions are configurable.

Available units/course content

  • Training Basics

    • Simple ideas to establish credibility at the start of a training
    • Different ways to manage and connect with your trainees
    • An overview of trainee needs, and what you can do to meet those needs

  • The Science Behind Adult Learning

    • An overview of the ADDIE training model
    • A self-assessment of learning styles
    • Details about andragogy and its difference from pedagogy

  • Training People Different Than You

    • A model for coaching learners
    • A look into the different motivations for the trainer and the learner
    • Best practices for reaching diverse learners

  • Learner Focused Vs Trainer Focused

    • A list of learner issues and what you can do to combat them
    • An explanation of Three-Way Communication
    • An overview of how coaching and training work together

  • Encouraging Participant Engagement

    • An understanding of the difference between presenting and facilitating
    • Ideas for applying effective adult learning practices
    • Opportunity to practice techniques to improve your facilitation


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