Electric Ops Roundtables

Discussion-based learning for electric utility personnel

Fall 2022

Each fall, electric utility professionals gather with others working in the same area of expertise. Attendees network, discuss, and provide insight and solutions to current issues.

For information, please contact: Stacey Bonine at (651) 289-9600 x114.

2021 Agenda

Wondering what we covered virtually this past fall? Check it out.

Monday, October 18
Tuesday, October 19
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Codes & Standards 

  • Substitutes for Materials with Long Lead Times
  • Penta Wood Preservative Replacement Planning
  • Ensuring Proper Conductor Tension Sag
  • Storm Hardening


  • Underground Grounding Practices
  • Network System Upgrades / Rehab
Codes & Standards &
Underground (Joint Discussion)

  • Sheer Bolt Connectors
  • PILC Splice Expertise
  • Changing Phase Color Labeling





12:30 PM-2:30 PM

  • Completing the Circuit: Feedback from the Field
  • Overhead to Underground Initiatives

Safety & Training

  • Solar IS Expanding: What safeguards do you have in place?
  • Behavioral Accident Prevention Process – BAPP




  • Call Acceptance Percentage
  • The Grass isn’t Always Greener: Managing Fence Jumpers

Safety & Training 

  • New Arc Flash Prevention Technology & Tools
  • Extension Ladder Safety
  • Are you Truly Getting a Good Ground Around a Pole: Polyset Foam


Wednesday, October 20
Thursday, October 21
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
System Operator/Dispatch

  • Call-Out Response & Storm Response Issues
  • Managing the Big Three – CAIDI, SAIDI, SAIFI
  • Upcoming OMS and SCADA Projects


  • Meter Site Testing Best Practices
  • Hot Socket Incidents & Remediation


System Operator/Dispatch

  • System Operator Training
  • Radio Upgrades
  • Losing Grounds
  • Storm Roles & Responsibilities


  • AMI Maintenance
  • Handling Battery Installation
  • CT Placement


12:30 PM-2:30 PM

  • Reliability & Cost Consciousness
  • Mobile Substations & Grounding
  • Redundancy & Resiliency on the Distribution Circuits


  • Vegetation Management
  • Response to a Failure Event



  • Substation Inspection & Monitoring Tools
  • Substation Safety


  • EVs Impacts on the Distribution Grid
  • Solar & Wind




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