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Operator Qualification

Use MEA OQ materials to qualify your workforce

Understanding OQ Requirements

To assure safety in the transport of hazardous gases and liquids in the nation’s pipelines, pipeline operators are required to have individuals who perform covered tasks trained and qualified. Operator qualification requirements are outlined in an operator’s OQ program. Contracting personnel should contact their operator to obtain a copy of the operator’s program requirements and covered task list.

MEA guidance on conducting remote evaluations.

Become Qualified

Generally, to gain an INITIAL qualification for a specific covered task, an individual must complete the EnergyU online training (TNG), and then pass the knowledge test (KNT) and performance evaluation (PEF) for the task. Requirements for SUBSEQUENT, or requalification can vary; all three (TNG, KNT, PEF) may or may not be required by an operator.

Providing the best value and service

We are associate members of MEA. We have about 160 individuals currently enrolled in their EnergyU system. I much prefer MEA’s system over others that we use for Operator Qualifications. The EnergyU system is fairly user friendly as far as setting up new people, enrolling in courses, accessing performance evaluation forms, granting successful evaluation certificates, generating reports, etc. The staff is always helpful and I recommend MEA to our clients and competitors because they seem to be the best OQ vendor that I’ve worked with in providing everything needed to be compliant with the OQ Rule. I may sound like a paid salesman, but I can assure you I get no benefits from recommending MEA.

— David Hudacek, operator qualifications advisor, Lake Superior Consulting.