MEA Learning Empowers

The mission of MEA is to empower the energy industry through education, leadership development, and industry connections. MEA offers education online and in-person to nearly all areas of energy distribution.

In-Person and Online Events

If you need operational learning tracks like metering, codes and standards, safety and compliance, environmental, or purchasing, we have you covered. If you need leadership and management summits designed for executives, that’s not a problem.

Webinars, digital discussions, and virtual events allow you to stay connected in place of or between live events and learn about topics relevant to your work, without having to spend time and money traveling. MEA webinars focus on soft skill development as well as technical topics, like safety, storm response, and more.

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Online Courses

We have over 430 online training and testing courses for CFR 192 Natural Gas, CFR 195 Liquid Pipeline, ASME B31Q, OSHA, electric, and utility basics available through EnergyU, our LMS for training and testing. The course content is developed by subject matter experts from more than 100 leading distribution companies, which produced one of the most trusted consensus training opportunities in the industry. EnergyU courses were developed using proven adult learning principles and multimedia elements to help maintain engagement and increase retention.

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Call for Presentations

Transform your research, ideas, and best practices into a presentation at a MEA event. Given by many of the industry’s top minds, presentations are meant to spark the imagination, encourage dialogue, and drive new solutions to our greatest energy challenges.

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