Gas Mutual Assistance Resources

When disaster strikes, our members help.

MEA is working with AGA and regional gas associations in developing mutual assistance resources. One element of that is the development of a mutual assistance agreement. The intent of the agreement is to streamline the mutual aid process and enhance the ability of the associations and their members to provide assistance.

A few highlights within the draft agreement include:

  • Streamlining the mutual assistance process by making the Request for Assistance Form an optional, rather than a mandatory, prerequisite to receiving assistance;
  • Improving coordination between AGA, APGA, and the regional associations by clearly identifying each associations’ roles and responsibilities before, during, and after a mutual assistance event; and
  • Clarifying that if mutual aid is requested by a participating AGA or APGA member company in an area where a regional gas association does not have a formal mutual aid program or is unable to provide mutual aid support, AGA or APGA will serve in a primary role to support mutual aid coordination among companies participating in the program.

Request for Mutual Assistance Contacts

Please consider providing contact information for up to three individuals at your company that will act as key information liaisons in the case of a mutual assistance scenario. MEA will, semiannually, confirm/update the contact information for these individuals. In the case of a mutual assistance triggering scenario, MEA will contact and work with these liaisons in supporting the requesting company in meeting their emergency situation.

MEA supports this industry agreement and we are ready to assist operators and the industry when needed.

Questions? Please contact John Gann.