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EnergyU provides a scalable and customizable online solution to meet your organization’s unique training and compliance needs.

EnergyU is your gateway to a safer, more effective workforce. This comprehensive platform offers customizable training modules crafted by industry experts, ensuring your team stays ahead of the curve in compliance, safety, and industry best practices. EnergyU provides scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization, whether you’re a small team or an expansive enterprise. Join us in shaping a future where your energy workforce is well-trained and clearly in compliance.


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The industry’s leading system for learning & compliance management.

MEA offers over 430 online training and testing courses for 192, 195, ASME, OSHA, electric, and utility basics as well as paperless evaluations and scannable badges for instant verification of requirements through EnergyU. The course content is developed by subject matter experts from more than 100 leading distribution companies, which produced one of the most trusted consensus training opportunities in the industry. EnergyU is accepted by regulators in all U.S. states and hundreds of operators across the country, ultimately serving 30,000 users across 800 operator and contractor companies.

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EnergyU - Quick Glance Details

  • 24-hour online access for administrators and learners
  • Free data transfers to ISNetworld®
  • Select courses from one or multiple libraries at no additional cost
  • Track training, assessments, and performance evaluations
  • Electronic forms facilitate easy field evaluations
  • QR code badge technology enables field verification of requirements

EnergyU - Easy Administration

  • Simple online enrollment form and payment options
  • Company setup completed and ready for use within two business days
  • Minimal onboarding to get started (30-minute training overview encouraged)
  • Affordable annual license fee is per user, not per course
  • Easily adjust license count as your workforce changes, whether you need one or 10,000 licenses
  • Support for system administrators via training documents, tutorials, videos, web chat, and support help line

Why EnergyU?


Manage and administer requirements for any type of training program, including apprentice, journeyman, and Operator Qualification (OQ). EnergyU serves workers who need to learn tasks and safety protocols, supervisors who need to develop leadership skills, and trainers who need access to apprentice materials.


Set up the system according to your training and OQ plan by managing task requirements, defining specific requalification periods, filtering reports, reporting data to supervisors, and more.


The people who use EnergyU helped develop the functional requirements to ensure the features work the way you need, from a secure, cloud-based system to the mobile evaluations available online and offline.


Did you know? EnergyU courses were developed using proven adult learning principles and multimedia elements to help maintain engagement and increase retention.

EnergyU for OQ

To assure safety in the transport of hazardous gases and liquids in the nation’s pipelines, PHMSA requires pipeline operators to train and qualify individuals who perform covered tasks. Qualification requirements must be outlined in an operator’s OQ program. Use MEA OQ materials to qualify your workforce with EnergyU training courses, knowledge assessments, and electronic performance evaluation forms (PEFs).

More about OQ

CFR 192 Natural Gas

For gas operations personnel and contractors working on natural gas distribution, transmission, and gas gathering systems:

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CFR 195 Liquid Pipeline

For liquid and petroleum operations personnel and contractors working on natural transmission and gas gathering systems:

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For natural gas and liquids operations personnel and contractors working on pipelines:

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EnergyU for Electric Workers

EnergyU for electric workers offers online courses and knowledge assessments, performance evaluation criteria guides (PECGs), and performance evaluation forms (PEFs) for field evaluations.

While the extent to which regulation will shape the electric landscape is unknown, MEA proactively developed training materials with testing and recordkeeping elements that are consistent with meeting regulatory concerns.

Many electric utilities are successfully integrating this online training with their apprentice and journeyman-refresher training programs. Intended as a supplement—not a replacement—for current training, EnergyU is often used to prepare students for classroom training, making instructor-led sessions more focused and valuable.

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EnergyU for Any Energy Professional

In addition to online training and testing for OQ and electric workers, MEA offers online courses that serve both natural gas and electric personnel.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

For training and testing personnel on requirements related to Safety and OSHA compliance:

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Utility General Education

For training and testing personnel on how the energy delivery industry works:

See all courses in the utility basics library

Renewable Energy

For individuals seeking to learn about renewable energy. Great for new employees.

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Management & Development

For individuals seeking management and professional development:

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