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MEA EnergyU is an integrated platform for training, testing, compliance recordkeeping, paperless evaluations, in-field verification, and data analytics.

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Leadership Academy

Our in-person, custom training and on-demand, online leadership courses are created specifically for field and corporate operations personnel in the energy industry. The content focuses on real-life, practical skills that drive career progress—from being a crew member and individual contributor to becoming a crew lead and supervisor.

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Burns McDonnell

Benefits of a Single-Source Supplier

There is no question that pipeline projects are becoming more complex. Using a single-source supplier can provide benefits such as shorter schedules, reduced owner risk, greater cost control, construction innovation, and more. Read on for three reasons a single-source supplier makes sense.

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Duke Energy is Determined to Improve

At Duke Energy, we are determined to improve; to provide safer, more secure, and more reliable energy to all of our customers. To that end, we are making strategic, data-driven investments to improve reliability, help protect against cyber and physical threats, use more solar and clean energy and provide you with the intelligent tools you need to make smart energy choices and save money. These investments will provide benefits today and in the years to come.

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Consumers Energy

Saving Lives While on the Job

Thanks to receiving CPR and First Aid training, five Consumers Energy natural gas workers stayed calm under pressure during chaotic situations to save lives while on the job.

Those recent life-saving actions are rooted in the company’s decade-long re-commitment to personal and public safety.

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