Leak Investigation Training

For service & gas technicians, mechanical engineers, pipe fitters, inspectors & supervisors

Returning April 2022

Syllabus from the Online Leak Investigation Training

About the virtual series:

Through five (5) 90-minute classes, delivered online by David Zak of AEGIS Insurance Services, attendees will gain the knowledge required to understand and perform leak investigation operations. The training will cover all aspects of inside and outside leak emergencies and highlight industry-standard procedures and best practices. Case studies will be used to reinforce procedures as well as give the attendee an understanding of the need to follow company-specific operating practices. New: Expanded product-specific discussion from the major leak detection instrument companies.

Class size is limited to 20 participants.

  • Day 1 | 1.5 hours | Essential Concepts
    AEGIS and Risk Management
    Course Objective: Protection of Life
    Natural Gas Incidents and Claims
  • Day 2 | 1.5 hours | Setting a Foundation
    Properties of Natural Gas and Carbon Monoxide – Connecting the Basics to Processed Claims
    Odorization – What is a Defendable Odorization Plan and Why Is It So Important
  • Day 3 | 1.5 hours | Inside Natural Gas Emergencies (Case Studies)
    Protection of Life
    Hazardous Conditions and What Steps to Take
    Conducting a Thorough Inside Gas Investigation Including Proper Documentation
  • Day 4 | 1.5 hours | Carbon Monoxide Emergencies (Case Studies)
    Protection of Life
    Hazardous Conditions and What Steps to Take
    Conducting a Thorough CO Investigation Including Proper Documentation
  • Day 5 | 1.5 hours | Outside Gas Emergencies (Case Studies)
    Protection of Life
    Hazardous Conditions – Avoiding the Find and Fix Syndrome
    Conducting a Thorough Investigation – Centering the Leak
    Arrival at an Incident – What Steps to Take

Highlights from the In-Person Leak Investigation Training

  • Live scenarios in a simulated leak field
  • Classroom fundamentals including physical properties of natural gas
  • Safety focused
  • Hands-on training conducted by seasoned industry experts
  • Certificate of completion

Industry expert instructors

A low student to instructor ratio of 15:1 offers one-on-one time with skilled leak detection professionals, where topics and scenarios are discussed in depth.

Real world scenarios

Learn how to save lives and better understand policies, procedures, and equipment in a live leak field investigation.

In-person, hands-on learning

Students have the opportunity to participate and receive close attention during highly rated MEA hands-on training.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Denney at (651) 289-9600 x110.