Field Leader Training

For shift supervisors, crew leads, and team leads

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You are part of an industry experiencing unprecedented employee retirement and turnover rates, forcing less experienced employees to take on leadership roles without the tenure and training of previous generations.

You don’t need generic leadership training materials to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively.

You need tools and resources created specifically for field operations personnel in the natural gas and electric industry.

You need example situations and cases just like the ones encountered on the job every day.

You need techniques that can be applied immediately when planning work, leading teams, and improving safety.

You need a defined program that focuses on real-life, practical skills that drive career progress—from being a crew member and individual contributor to becoming a crew lead and supervisor.

You need MEA Field Leader Training. 

This in-person, highly interactive, two-day training teaches leadership skills that are necessary to effectively direct the activities of a crew and communicate with management.

How is Field Leader Training different?

Field Leader Training is not about the technical aspects of field work. This training is based on extensive industry research and the curriculum was created to meet the specific needs of field leaders. Needs like learning to balance “on the line” because you are both on the team and leading it. Needs like dealing with limited authority, age differences (or lack thereof), and much more.

Field Leader Training addresses your needs in a highly interactive, activity-oriented setting. You are not bombarded with theory. You learn how to effectively direct the activities of your crew and communicate with management.

Available modules/course content

  • Strong Teams
    • Simple ideas to create strong teams
    • A reminder of what strong teams look like in the field
    • An opportunity to test your leadership and teamwork skills
    • An understanding of your crew: what they need from their team leader
  • Effective Leadership
    • A picture of leadership skills for crew leaders
    • An easy breakdown of leadership styles and your preferred leadership style
    • A guide for effectively using delegation
  • Recognizing & Motivating Crews
    • The tools to get your crew performing at their best
    • Ideas on how to motivate and recognize your crew
    • A useful conversation about motivating different generations
  • Resolving Conflicts
    • A rundown of conflict sources crew leaders encounter
    • Key communication tools for resolving conflicts
    • Application of these skills in real-world crew scenarios
  • Safety & Leadership
    • An awareness of how leaders can help secure crew and job safety
    • Elements of effective daily tailgate meetings
    • A tool crew leaders can use to provide safety solutions not just problems
  • Coaching Crews
    • A four step process to effectively coach your crew
    • Reminders of common mistakes in coaching
    • An opportunity to discuss how to use coaching in the field
    • Ideas to coach a troubled employee
  • Planning Work
    • A review of the benefits of planning and how to lay out jobs
    • A simple system for setting daily priorities
    • A demonstration and follow up conversation of typical on the job planning issues
  • Working with Management
    • A list of your specific manager’s expectations of an ideal crew leader
    • Ideas on how to build a supportive relationship with your manager
    • An effective process for developing and presenting proposals to management
  • Ensuring Quality
    • A discussion on quality customer service and on ensuring quality communication and customer service
    • An uncomplicated view of getting quality work from your crew
    • Ideas on how to improve your crew’s quality of work
  • Human Performance
    • An introduction to human performance improvement
    • An awareness of error likely situations and ideas for minimizing errors
    • A framework for event analysis and understanding
  • Safety Behaviors and Attitudes
    • A look at how attitudes and behavior impact safety outcomes
    • A discussion on the nine attitude and behavioral characteristics that can lead to safety issues
    • Your safety assessment results and improvement areas (requires advance completion of online assessment)


Training can be configured to meet specifics needs, such as adjusting and condensing sessions, one-day versus two-day training, incorporating company-specific procedural messages, or placing greater focus on selected lessons or sections. Custom content creation is also available. Additional fees may apply.


Facilitators of MEA Field Leader Training have 25+ years of field and leadership experience in the utility industry.

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For more information on class objectives, topics covered, and fees, contact Daneen Goncalves at (651) 289-9600 x102 or Chad Shannon at (651) 289-9600 x112.

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