The National Gas Rodeo Launches Modern, New Logo

The committee and staff of the National Gas Rodeo, a program of MEA Energy Association, are thrilled to announce the launch of a new brand logo, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s journey. The unveiling of the new logo is a testament of the commitment to skill, progress, inclusion, and the industry’s decarbonization and sustainability goals.

The new logo represents an affiliation among the natural gas community and support of that community by both MEA and National Gas Rodeo. Designed with a modern aesthetic that reflects the event’s spirit, the logo joins a modified shovel and pipe cutter crossed at the handles, a single star within a flame, and a badge — elements embodying teamwork, competition, natural gas, and achievement. Specifically, the tools exemplify two long-standing qualifying events, while the star symbolizes champion teams. For consistency with the parent brand, the new National Gas Rodeo logo uses three existing MEA brand colors: dark blue conveying authority and professionalism; blue representing a natural gas flame and a feeling of trust; and green introducing a focus on the environment, sustainability, and freshness.

“Our new logo is more than a symbol; it’s a declaration of this group’s dedication to the safety, expertise, and cooperation required in the natural gas industry,” said Stacey Bonine, program services vice president of MEA. “It is a visual representation of both tradition and our future direction.”

The introduction of the new logo is accompanied by the launch of a revamped website and updated branding materials. Additionally, the National Gas Rodeo will include a larger and more prominent expo at the event, effectively renaming the annual gathering to National Gas Rodeo & Expo. “Hosting an official expo creates solid opportunities for vendors and suppliers to connect with current and prospective clients, as well as showcase new products and services that benefit the industry,” explains Bonine. “We also believe it will introduce industry trends that will aid in the safety and efficiency of today’s gas workers.”

As the National Gas Rodeo embarks on this exciting new chapter, MEA extends gratitude to all the dedicated committee members—current and former—who have been instrumental in this journey. The new brand identity serves to further strengthen MEA’s bond with utilities, unions, suppliers, and vendors.

For more information about National Gas Rodeo and to see our new brand identity, please visit our website at

About National Gas Rodeo
The National Gas Rodeo, a program of MEA Energy Association, promotes the skills and teamwork of those working in the natural gas delivery industry. The team-based events build leadership and enhance company morale while focusing on safe, time-efficient performance of job skills.

About MEA
MEA serves the people that deliver electricity and natural gas to homes and businesses. We were founded as a trade association in 1905 by distribution utilities whose vision was to improve safety and efficiency. Today, we fulfill the same purpose through education, leadership development, and industry connections. Energy delivery companies, contractors, and suppliers around the country benefit from our summits, roundtables, and webinars, 400+ online technical courses, safety assessments, evaluator training, operator qualification compliance tools, and leadership courses for field personnel.