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Subscribing EnergyU companies have total control over how they setup and use the system. A variety of options ensures the EnergyU LMS will meet the specific needs of your organization. MEA Support Staff are available to assist company administrators and provide guidance, training, and recommendations as needed. EnergyU learners should contact their company administrator with questions regarding course access or certification requirements.

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EnergyU Support, Billing, and Subscription Information

Laura Legel

Laura Legel

Training and Technical Services Manager
(651) 289-9600 x106

EnergyU Support, OQ, Evaluator, and ISN Support

Robbin Moore

Robbin Moore

Compliance Programs Support Manager
(651) 289-9600 x104

EnergyU Support, EnergyU Licenses, and ISN Transfers

Sue Casey

Susan Casey

Customer Support Representative (P/T)
(651) 289-9600 x127

Amarachi Joseph

Amarachi Joseph

Customer Support Representative
(651) 289-9600 x124

MEA Membership and EnergyU Subscriptions

Chad Shannon

Chad Shannon

Business Development Manager
(651) 289-9600 x112


Marty Vita

eLearning Director
(651) 289-9600 x131

MEA Leadership Programs and Subscriptions

Shannon Miller

Shannon Anderson

Leadership & Virtual Training Director
(651) 289-9600 x110

Course Content Questions and Feedback


Betsy Rogers

Course & Product Development Vice President
(651) 289-9600 x103