Prospective Treasurer


Serving as the Treasurer* of the MEA Energy Association is both a privilege and a responsibility.  This questionnaire is designed to assist us in evaluating your interest, commitment and qualifications to serve as association Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Our goal is to have a diversified, informed and engaged board that is attentive to the core components of the organization.

The strength, involvement and commitment of the members of the Board of Directors will determine the organization’s ability to maintain its proud tradition of success.

To indicate your interest in this Board position, please fill out the following questionnaire:

*This is not a paid position.

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  • Please list two or more current or former MEA Energy Association members as a reference or sponsor of your application:
  • Provide a brief biography and description of how you would bring a unique or different perspective as the Treasurer (cultural, area of expertise, education, etc.)
  • Share anything else you would like us to know about you and/or your organization to assist us in considering you for the Treasurer position on the Board of Directors:
  • Board Meetings

    The Treasurer is expected to attend at least 5 out of 6 board meetings during their three-year term. Active participation in meetings required; this includes reading materials prior to the meeting and engaging in discussions and voting during the meeting.
  • ***Proposed Board Meeting Dates and Locations: • Spring Board Meeting: March 11-13, 2020 – Cape Coral, FL • Fall Board Meeting: October TBD, 2020 -- St. Louis, MO (tentative)
  • Board Committee Participation

    The essential work of the MEA Board is conducted at the committee level. The Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Board Finance Committee. The committee is responsible for the financial and budgetary oversight of the associations. The committee reviews, recommends and manages the following: • Association investment policy • Yearly budgets and forecast • Periodic reviews of monthly financial statements • Yearly audited financial reports from our CPA
  • As Treasurer, you should be an advocate for MEA Energy Association within your company and the energy industry.
  • Please describe your participation in detail. Please include committee service, position and years of service (if applicable).