Field Leader Training

Leadership-Focused Events

All MEA learning events include elements of leadership. We developed the MEA Leadership Academy to focus specifically on the skills operations and corporate folks need to do their jobs better.

The prime offering in the academy is Field Leader Training. It’s highly relevant and in high demand.

Field Leader Training

MEA is pleased to offer a two-day Field Leader Training program where participants receive practical, hands-on experience in creating rapport with crews, as well as building desired leadership skills.

To succeed “on the line” takes a lesson in balance. Traditional supervisory training programs, if used at all, fail field leaders. They don’t address the situation of someone both on the team and leading it as well. Field Leader Training is based on extensive industry surveys and research and developed specifically for field leaders. It focuses on leadership skills that enable the field leader to effectively direct the activities of their crew and to communicate with management.

Why Field Leader Training?

Many times companies send their field leaders to traditional supervisory training programs. However, the role and responsibility of the field leader is quite different than that of the supervisor. As a result, much of the generic supervisory training seems irrelevant to the field leader and, often, they simply tune out.

“I highly recommend the Field Leader Training Program. The role-playing exercises were extremely helpful. It should be required training for all supervisors and managers, regardless of how long they have been on the job.”

Kelly O’Keefe, Product Manager, at CenterPoint Energy.

Who should attend

Field leaders have many titles:
•    Foremen
•    Supervisors
•    Leads
•    Shift Supervisors

Video Testimonials

Dates and locations

We are always looking for host companies and attendees for upcoming events.

This training can be hosted at your company to train just your field leaders or with MEA for multiple company participation. Contact Chad Shannon at (651) 289-9600 x112.


The program is activity-oriented. Participants are not bombarded with theory. They are provided with practical tools that can be applied immediately back on the job.

The need

The curriculum for this training was developed to meet the specific needs of the field leader. It recognizes the opportunities and problems created by the limited authority and age differences of field leaders and their crews. It addresses their needs in a highly interactive, entertaining training environment. Field Leader Training teaches leadership skills that relate specifically to the tools that they need to lead effectively.  The situations and cases are similar to what they encounter on the job daily.

Available Modules

  • Strong Teams
  • Effective Leadership
  • Recognizing & Motivating Crews
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Safety & Leadership
  • Coaching Crews
  • Planning Work
  • Working with Management
  • Ensuring Quality
  • Safety Behaviors & Attitudes
  • Human Performance Improvement

Training customization

MEA is open to customizing the material (may be an additional fee depending on customization).

Customization examples include

  • Less than 2 day training set up, i.e. 4 hour or 1 day sessions
  • Company-specific procedural messages (added throughout lesson content)
  • Special presentations made by MEA facilitator and/or Company-selected guest speaker
  • Greater focus on specific topics and/or lesson units

For more information on class objectives, topics covered, and fees, contact Chad Shannon at (651) 289-9600 x112.