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EnergyU provides access to training and testing materials and tracks learner data and certificate completion. Since EnergyU is often used to meet the requirements of federally mandated programs (such as Operator Qualification), the quality and validity of the data is critical. For this reason, MEA provides guidelines for using and administering EnergyU. The administrator must read and agree to the terms below before completing the enrollment form.

EnergyU Administrator Agreement

It is the responsibility of the subscribing company to ensure that all EnergyU Administrators understand their role and responsibility, and agree to the following:

  • Login Credentials: Each Administrator will maintain an individual login and will be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the login information for his/her account.
  • Classroom Training Certifications: Administrators may grant certifications for online training (TNG) used in a blended learning session only when an individual’s attendance in a classroom session is validated by a signed and dated roster.
  • Online Assessment Certifications: Administrators WILL NOT grant certifications for online testing (KNT). Test takers must use their own individual login and password.
  • Performance Certifications: Administrators will grant certifications for performance (PEF) only when the following conditions are met: 1) the field testing is completed by an MEA qualified evaluator, 2) the evaluation is documented using MEA’s evaluation form, and 3) the documentation is signed by both the evaluator and the person evaluated. Electronic copies of signed forms will need to be provided to MEA if your company is selected for a random MEA OQ Program Assessment Review.
  • User Identification: MEA does not authorize the use of Social Security numbers for user/employee identification purposes. If a company enters any portion of a Social Security number into EnergyU, MEA will not be held responsible.

MEA is a confirming agent for records in EnergyU. Companies are responsible for the accuracy of their own records. By subscribing to EnergyU, your company agrees to adhere to the responsibilities outlined above. MEA reserves the right to remove manually granted records that do not meet the above requirements. MEA reserves the right to deactivate Administrator and user accounts for non-payment.

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