MEA Board of Directors

Conflict of Interest Form

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

Conflicts can arise from many ordinary and appropriate activities; the existence of a conflict does not imply wrong doing on anyone’s part. But when conflicts do arise, they must be recognized and disclosed, and then eliminated or appropriately managed. Some relationships may create an appearance of conflict; those too, are important to eliminate or manage so that we may maintain public confidence in the integrity of our activities.

Areas in Which Conflict May Arise: Conflicts of interest may arise in the relations of directors, officers, and management employees with any of the following third parties:

  1. Persons and firms supplying goods and services to MEA
  2. Persons and firms from whom MEA leases property and equipment
  3. Persons and firms with whom MEA is dealing or planning to deal in connection with the gift, purchase or sale of real estate, securities, or other property
  4. Competing or affinity organizations
  5. Donors and others supporting MEA
  6. Agencies, organizations, and associations that affect the operations of MEA
  7. Family members, friends, and other employees

Nature of Conflicting Interest: A material conflicting interest may be defined as an interest, direct or indirect, with any persons and firms mentioned above. Such an interest might arise through:

  1. Owning stock or holding debt or other proprietary interests in any third party dealing with MEA
  2. Holding office, serving on the board, participating in management, or being otherwise employed (or formerly employed) by any third party dealing with MEA
  3. Receiving remuneration for services with respect to individual transactions involving MEA
  4. Using MEA’s time, personnel, equipment, supplies, or goodwill for other than MEA approved activities, programs, and purposes
  5. Receiving personal gifts or loans from third parties dealing with MEA. Receipt of any gift is disapproved except gifts of nominal value that could not be refused without discourtesy. No personal gift of money should ever be accepted

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