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Gas Services

Serving those who work in gas operations

Meetings and events to serve those who work in natural gas operations or provide products and services to the natural gas industry.

Gas front-line and management employees gather annually at the Gas Operations Technical & Leadership Summit to learn the latest techniques and see the newest technology. Classes and demonstrations are practical, low-cost tools to improve performance.

Staff Liaison, Ashleigh Esselman
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Gas Operations Steering Committee

Oversees all facets of the Gas Section committees listed below. Works with Staff and Board to help direct the planning for MEA’s future activities.

Associate Advisory Council

Acts as a liaison between the associate member companies and the Gas Operations Section of MEA to enhance the relationship between MEA, Associate members and the LDC members.

Codes & Standards

Promotes the exchange or ideas and information relating to the formulation, interpretation and applications of regulations in the industry.

Contractor Council

Staff Liaison, Richard Stump
Provides a collective voice for solving large operator qualification (OQ) issues that affect all contractors.


Focuses on continuous improvement for member companies and training in specific areas affecting distribution.

Measurement & Controls

This group centers on information sharing, training and problem solving involving gas measurement and controls, meter theory and operations. Also oversees the new Measurement Excellence Course.

National Gas Rodeo

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The “World Series” for gas operations employees. The National GAS Rodeo provides a healthy, competitive environment where the best gas utility professionals from across the US and Canada come together and put their hard-earned job skills, knowledge, and experience to the test.


Notifies members of DOT & OSHA compliance and training needs and assists in the development of programs to meet those needs. Attends to issues in the natural gas industry such as investigations, training and others related to operational concerns.

System Controllers

This group shares best practices in regard to monitoring and controlling gas pipeline systems to maintains system integrity and contractual obligations.

Technical Training

Staff Liaison, Richard Stump
This group of industry professionals evaluates new training trends, techniques and available training products and programs to deliver cost effective resources to the industry and companies they represent. The group is also charged with keeping a watch of new regulations and their potential impact on existing OQ requirements.