Lake Superior Consulting
David Hudacek, operator qualifications advisor
We are associate members of MEA. We have about 160 individuals currently enrolled in their EnergyU system. I much prefer MEA’s system over others that we use for Operator Qualifications. The EnergyU system is fairly user friendly as far as setting up new people, enrolling in courses, accessing performance evaluation forms, granting successful evaluation certificates, generating reports, etc. The staff is always helpful and I recommend MEA to our clients and competitors because they seem to be the best OQ vendor that I’ve worked with in providing everything needed to be compliant with the OQ Rule. I may sound like a paid salesman, but I can assure you I get no benefits from recommending MEA.

John Goetz, director of operator qualification & compliance
I just have to complement MEA’s people. The customer service is the best I have ever received and that is important. When we need something MEA gets it done.

Industrial Piping and Welding
Jason Bleak
As an employer we want a system which provides solid education and verification while maintaining a reasonable cost, MEA has mastered this balance. Training modules are thorough, testing verifies the knowledge, and the strengthened position of the evaluator wraps the experience in credibility and value. Your system allows the contractor some control while upholding the integrity required to satisfy DOT. We thank you for providing this service.

MIAT College of Technology
Tim Kissel
Our local utility, DTE Energy, recommended that we become members in order to take advantage of EnergyU coursework during a Combined Distribution Boot Camp offered at the college.  MIAT College of Technology has found MEA to be an excellent partner in this endeavor.  MIAT looks forward to working with MEA more in the future.

UGI Energy Services
Tracey Barnes Hunsinger
On behalf of UGI Energy Services, I would like to thank you and the folks at Midwest ENERGY Association for continually providing excellent service for our Operator Qualification program. MEA’s commitment to provide a state-of-the-art online training program helps our company obtain our commitment to have highly trained and qualified technicians and operators working with our assets in various facets of our business.

EZval Mobile Performance Evaluation Solution

Homer Gardner, operator qualifications services director
EZval has made doing evaluations easier. I now get consistent records every time and the automated PDF makes it simpler for us to manage our operator qualifications. The digital record is more secure and my paperwork is greatly reduced.