Industry Outreach

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How does MEA support the energy industry?

We pool industry expertise to create over 400+ training courses, recordkeeping tools, public safety programs, major electric and gas operating summits, and host a private forum for ideas, sharing information, and developing solutions to identified problems.

We want to recognize you and your company for doing great work, share your stories, and create standards to which others strive to meet or exceed. We do this through a variety of MEA awards that honor service to others and the industry as a whole.

Through discussion groups, educational opportunities, and leadership offerings, we engage professionals new to the industry as well as students. Partners in Education are a means to sharing industry knowledge and training to the next generation of workers.

We provide access to resources and connections with other industry associations, governmental and regulatory bodies, specialized publications, and more. We also support courses and tools for digging safely, including 811 Call Before You Dig.

Several of our programs serve specific audiences. The mission of Energetic Women is to prepare women within the energy industry for leadership roles in operations and engineering. The National Gas Rodeo is all about showcasing the skills and teamwork of those working in the natural gas delivery industry with a focus on safety and efficiency.

Sponsorship is an opportunity for members and non-members to get involved with MEA. As a sponsoring company, you gain access to the people that buy and use your products, earn recognition among leading utilities and contractors, and maximize your exposure to meet branding and marketing goals.