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eConfirm is an internet based access portal for employee records. Employees are assigned a QR code which, when read by a smartphone or similar mobile device with a camera, shows the employees current training records (or any records you assign).

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Instantly confirm that the right person with the right skills is safely performing the required task!

The qualification records are easily managed by individual company administrators. MEA eConfirm Compliance Solution allows company personnel and inspectors (state/federal) in the field to monitor training and qualification records of personnel, which is becoming a significant business imperative for both operators and their contractors.

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Product Support
Regina Pandey (651) 289-9600 x125
Larissa Presho (651) 289-9600 x121

MEA is a confirming agent for records in EnergyU only. Companies are responsible for the accuracy of their own records.


Our legacy product, CERCplus, is a powerful yet easy to use tool to help you maintain personnel qualifications to ensure safe task performance

CERCplus utilizes the latest in industry software standards to store compliance and regular training records. Use it to store administration and competency management records:

Flexible reporting and requalification periods.

  • ASME/B31Q or MEA qualification structure selection
  • Selection and monitoring of prerequisites completion requirements prior to qualification
  • Job assignment function by qualification
  • Option of using knowledge, skills and abilities for competency management
  • External classroom registration and course completion data integration
  • Export qualification reports with photos to a usb flash drive
    (individuals could have their quals on their “keychain flash driver”)
  • Assign and review status of requirements independent of assignment to qualification(s)
  • Assign evaluators, instructors and proctors to appropriate requirements
  • Record of who logged in and out of CERCplus by time stamp
  • Easy transition of current OQplus user’s data to CERCplus database/structure
  • Available for Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Sybase, and Oracle

CERCmobile – field version of CERCplus:

  • Assign initial and subsequent qualification structures
  • CERCmobile reflects main CERCplus structure
  • You can make as many copies of CERCmobile as required for field evaluators
  • Syncs with CERCplus

CERCtrainingtracker – Your “CERCplus Live”
A training tracker which allows for seamless registration of live training events:

  • Onsite enrollment
  • Works with scannable ID cards
  • Photo security features
  • Syncs with CERCplus

Download qualification and training requirements and attendee lists from CERCplus and then successfully track and run onsite live training. CERCtrainingtracker is part of the CERCplus solution.

Questions? Contact Chad Shannon at (651) 289-9600 x112.

  • System Demo

    CERCplus Demo

    Step 1. The updates are only available via the MEA FTP site. The FTP site is not accessible via a web browser. You need to have FTP software on your computer to access the FTP site. If you don’t currently have FTP software loaded, we suggest the ACEFTP 3 Pro software from Visicom Media. There is a trial version available at:

    Step 2: Request the site location and login information from Larissa Presho (651) 289-9600 x121.