EZval Performance Evaluation App

Simple solution for electronic performance evaluations

This simple evaluation tool will increase the ease and reliability for evaluators performing operator qualification (OQ) evaluations, whether in the field or at the training center. EZval standardizes evaluation forms, improving accuracy and reporting integrity. An electronic copy of the signed form is saved, and log files provide essential data for record keeping.

Conduct evaluations, record results, and create PDFs in the field!

“EZval has made doing evaluations easier. I now get consistent records every time and the automated PDF makes it simpler for us to manage our operator qualifications. The digital record is more secure and my paperwork is greatly reduced.”
~ Homer Gardner, operator qualifications services director, USDI.

EZval Field Performace Evaluations

Cut time!
Maximize accuracy!
Consistent records!

Tech Specs
Install on iPad, or on Windows-based laptop or tablet
Files size: 18 MB
OS: Windows & iOS

Product Support
Robbin Moore (651) 289-9600 x101