Online Leadership Courses

Leadership course licenses are priced for individual users – 1 license per person for 1 calendar year. All leadership licenses expire at the end of the calendar year. Users have access to courses and course reference documents throughout the entire license period regardless of course completion status.

Courses can be accessed via MEA EnergyU LMS or members may host the courses internally.

For questions, pricing information and assistance in course selection please contact:
Chad Shannon at (651) 289-9600 x112.

LEAD NOW Library

  • Overview
    • 21 courses
    • Micro-learning approach – only 8-15 minutes per course
    • Each course includes videos, power tips, leadership gems and participant worksheets
    • Perfect for experienced or up-and-coming leaders
    • Option to complete a Dimension Survey to guide your course recommendations based on current role and perceived competence level

    Licensed through talent development expert Prositions, MEA offers this online course library to individuals looking for immediate help in everyday situations. The short videos are packed with practical tips and tools focused on defining vision and strategy, execution and delivering results, developing self and others, and leading change

  • Course Listing

    Introduction and Dimension Survey
    Customer Focus
    Effective Communication
    Presentation Skills
    Strategic Thinking
    0105 Decision Making
    Focusing on Results
    Personal Integrity
    Problem Solving
    Ego Management
    Personal Development
    Team Building
    Time Management
    Valuing Others
    Change Management
    Inspiring Commitment
    Organizational Savvy

  • Investment

    (per person, 12 month subscription)

    Non-member: $65
    Member: $50

Management & Leadership Library

  • Overview
    • 25 courses
    • In-depth dive approach – average of 3 hours of material per course
    • Each course includes videos, exercises, and reference documents
    • Perfect for managers with direct reports

    Managers and individual contributors alike benefit from this leadership content by digital publisher CrossKnowledge. These online courses help meet the needs of the changing and demanding workforce by covering topics on people development, delegation and empowerment, innovation, and custom content created just for MEA participants.

  • Course Listing

    Accelerate Innovation
    Become a great team player
    Boost employee engagement
    Develop your strategic leadership skills
    Foster women leadership
    Giving effective feedback
    Improve your performance through feedback
    Learning in times of accelerating change
    Manage performance reviews effectively
    Managing a high performing team
    Managing different generations
    Managing in complex environments
    Master interpersonal communication skills
    Build your Leadership Skills
    Building change capability
    Coaching and Mentoring
    Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations
    Develop your team’s customer focus
    Inspire and Empower Your Team
    Leverage your emotions at work
    Management Training
    Managing for the first time
    Managing your time and priorities
    Mastering communication skills
    Motivation and Recognition

  • Investment

    (per person, 12 month subscription)

    Non-member: $165
    Member: $265