Online Learning

We have online courses for natural gas and electric workers as well as professional development and management.

EnergyU Online Portal

We offer over 430 online technical training and testing courses for natural gas and electric operations employees through MEA EnergyU. EnergyU is accepted by regulators in all states and accepted by utilities nationally.

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MEA Leadership Academy

The MEA Leadership Academy focuses on professional development for energy industry personnel. The academy features online leadership courses, complimentary webinars, Field Leader Training, Leadership Boot Camp, and Charting Your Course.

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Operator Qualification Training

Pipeline operators are required to have individuals who perform covered tasks trained and qualified. MEA OQ materials include online training and testing, performance evaluations, recordkeeping and record transfers–all through EnergyU.

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Electrical Lineworker

MEA electric members collaborated to define the lineworker curriculum. Courses, assessments and field evaluations provide a comprehensive training solution for new and existing lineworkers.

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MakeSafe Virtual Training

MEA also offers some specific virtual training for gas workers through MakeSafe. The simulated environment allows learners to experience the correct performance of tasks in extreme weather conditions, confined spaces, and other hazardous conditions while remaining physically safe.

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