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Learning Management | Records & Compliance Management

MEA EnergyU is an integrated platform for training, testing, compliance recordkeeping, paperless evaluations, in-field verification, and data analytics.

Why EnergyU?


Automatic transfer of training and testing records from learning management to the records repository for any type of training program, including apprentice, journeyman, and Operator Qualification (OQ).


Set up the system according to your training and OQ plan by adding and removing steps of task procedures, defining your company requalification periods, customizing reports, planning notifications to supervisors, and more.


The people who use these systems developed the functional requirements to ensure the features work the way you need, from a secure, cloud-based system to the mobile app availability online and offline.



Seven online course libraries made up of over 400 course titles for OQ, electric, leadership, and more, including 192, 195, ASME B31Q, and OSHA.

EnergyU Learning Portal


Every course has an accompanying online knowledge test designed to check comprehension and measure learning.



Standard or customized electronic evaluation forms are available on-the-go (online and offline) for paperless and submission of qualifications.



Instantly and easily see qualifications for employees and contractors by task, date, evaluator, status, and more.


Smart badge QR code technology allows for in-field verification to instantly display current and expired qualifications per worker.


More Product Information

  • Reports and insights on performance and program data.
  • Operates on Windows, iOS, Android and any device (i.e. desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Import LMS, CDL, D&A, safety program, and other employee and contractor data you need to track.

MEA EnergyU. Because all your training and compliance records should be in one place. Because you’re not qualified until it’s documented. Because you need to be able to verify qualifications anytime with any device. And because your company needs data analytics to increase safety and productivity.

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Legacy Products

Are you using a legacy recordkeeping or compliance tool from MEA?
While MEA is no longer offering these tools and applications for new companies, we continue to support them for existing users.

  • eConfirm
  • CERCplus, including CERCmobile and CERCtrainingtracker
  • EZval

Please contact Larissa Presho at (651) 289-9600 x121.