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Corporate Services

Serving those who manage and run the corporation

MEA Corporate Services encompasses the areas of the energy industry that do not fit neatly into Gas Services or Electric Services, most often departments and roles that serve corporate-wide needs.

Staff Liaison

Stacey Bonine
(651) 289-9600 x114


Energetic Women

Prepares women within the energy industry for leadership roles in operations and engineering. Learn more.

Environmental Management

Deals with the intricacies of environmental issues relating to the energy industry, such as PCBs, CCR, and  . Professionals responsible for EPA regulations and site remediation share their experiences including case studies varying from PCB’s, wetlands, or CCR updates, etc. to help others learn from their past challenges and successes.

Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs

Shares information and best practices surrounding legislative and regulatory issues at the MEA Industry Insights event, including a review of state reports on legislative and regulatory activities, ratemaking, antitrust implications, office practices, and other legal concerns.

Purchasing & Materials Management

Focuses on supply chain management, warehousing and procurement procedures, performance metrics and surveys on industry trends in purchasing and materials management.

Transportation & Fleet

Professionals responsible for transportation and fleet operations within their companies meet to address key issues such as vehicle life cycle costs, fleet regulatory requirements, industry benchmarks, fleet leasing, alternative-fueled vehicles, supplier experiences and many others.

Technical Products Advisory

Staff Liaison, Marty Vita
Brings together talented and engaged energy delivery leaders to collaborate and identify product features and functions and ensure MEA technical products advance member success and support member business goals.